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Seven Bishops Prosecuted

The Seven Bishops prosecuted by James II for refusing to announce the Declaration of Indulgence in their churches were acquitted. The “Immortal Seven” sent their invitation to William of Orange to invade England after the birth of James II’s son.

William of Orange

William of Orange invaded England during the Glorious Revolution causing James II to flee to France.

Germantown Protest

The Germantown Protest, sometimes also referred to as The German Mennonite Resolution against Slavery, the first formal protest against slavery to be made in the British American colonies, is delivered in Germantown, Pennsylvania.

Aphra Behn Publishes Oroonoko

Aphra Behn publishes Oroonoko or the Royal Slave, the first novel to discuss the rights and wrongs of slavery.

Pennsylvania Quakers Pass Anti-slavery Resolution

The Pennsylvania Quakers pass the first formal antislavery resolution.

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