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U.S. Constitution is Officially Ratified

U.S. Constitution is officially ratified by the signing of New Hampshire on June 21, 1788, thus extending slavery.

"Slaves for Life"

New York passes a new comprehensive slave law, confirming that all current slaves are slaves for life.

Connecticut and Massachusetts Forbid Slave Trade

Connecticut and Massachusetts forbid residents from participating in the slave trade.

South Carolina Permits Domestic Slave Trade

South Carolina permits domestic slave trade to continue.

Pennsylvania Amends Law

Pennsylvania amends law to forbid removal of blacks from the state.

Thoughts upon the African Slave Trade Denounces Slavery

The former slave trader John Newton publishes Thoughts upon the African Slave Trade in which he denounces his former career.

Société des amis des Noirs

The abolitionist Société des amis des Noirs (Society of Friends of the Blacks) is founded in Paris by Jacques Pierre Brissot.

Sir William Dolben's Slave Trade Bill

After several months of debate, Sir William Dolben’s Slave Trade Bill becomes law by Parliament, which limits the number of enslaved people that any single ship can carry.

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