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Seminoles and Blacks in Texas Flee to Mexico

Approximately 300 Seminoles and blacks in Texas head to Mexico, where enslavement is prohibited.

Compromise of 1850

The Compromise of 1850 admits California to the Union as a free state, allows the slave states of New Mexico and Utah to be decided by popular sovereignty, and bans slave trade in D.C.

Fugitive Slave Law Threatens Rights of Free Blacks

A second fugitive slave law, enforced by the federal government, strengthens the rights of slave owners and threatens the rights of free blacks. Many states pass personal liberty laws in response.

Maryland Embraces Interstate Slave Trade

Maryland removes restraints on interstate slave trade.

Virginia Demands Emancipated Slaves Leave State

Virginia demands that emancipated slaves leave the state within a year and forbids the legislature from freeing any slave.

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