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Philly Plagued With Anti-Black Violence

Philadelphia is plagued with anti-black and anti-abolitionist violence, particularly from Philadelphia white workers who feared that they have to compete with freed slaves for jobs. Second meeting of the Antislavery Convention of American Women, gathered in Philadelphia at the newly built Pennsylvania Hall, is attacked by a mob. The mob burns down the hall, as well as sets a shelter for black orphans on fire and damages a black church.

Pennsylvania Blacks Disfranchised

Pennsylvania blacks are disfranchised in the revised state Constitution.

Fredrick Douglass Runs Away From Slavery

A Maryland slave named Fred runs away and later becomes Frederick Douglass.

Anti-Slavery Convention of American Women Takes Place

The second Anti-Slavery Convention of American Women takes place in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Proslavery mobs riot in response.

Diligente Captured

The Portuguese slave ship Diligente, which was engaged in the illegal slave trade, was captured by a British ship.

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