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Tennessee Bans Slave Trade

Tennessee officially bans slave trading.

Texas Requires Some Slaves be Freed

Texas requires that one tenth of the slaves inherited by any estate be freed.

Texas Allows Individual Slave Sales

Texas permits slaves to be sold between individuals.

Freedom Journal Established

John Russwurm and Samuel Cornish establish the first African American newspaper, Freedom’s Journal, in New York. The paper circulates in 11 states, the District of Columbia, Haiti, Europe, and Canada.

Sarah Mapps Douglas Establishes School

Sarah Mapps Douglass, a black educator and contributor to The Anglo African, an early black paper, establishes a school for black children in Philadelphia. Mapps becomes an important leader in the Female Anti-Slavery Society and is a life-long friend of Angelina and Sarah Grimke. After the Civil War, she becomes a leader in the Pennsylvania Branch of the American Freedman’s Aid Commission, which worked to protect and provide services to the former enslaved in the South.

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