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U.S. Annexes East Florida

The U.S. annexes East Florida, which previously served as a refuge for runaway slaves.

U.S. law Declares Slave Trading Capital Offense

U.S. law declares slave trading to be a capital offense.

US Not Allowed to Pursue Escaped Slaves in Canada

Canada denies the American government the right to pursue runaway slaves within its borders.

Restraints on Slave Trade Removed

Virginia and North Carolina remove restraints on interstate slave trade.

Virginia Outlaws Teaching Blacks

Virginia outlaws blacks and mulattoes, whether free or slave, from meeting for the purposes of education and forbids teaching blacks to read and write.

Friends Accompany Customs Inspectors

Federal law passed requiring the inspection of passenger conditions on ships is used by Quakers to monitor conditions in the slave trade at the Baltimore (Maryland) Port. Society of Friends members accompany federal Customs inspectors.

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