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Congress Excludes Blacks from Military

Congress excludes blacks from military service.

Freetown Founded

Freetown, Sierra Leone in West Africa is founded by 1,100 slaves who were freed by the British during the Revolutionary War.

Danish Government Passes Forordning om Negerhandelen

The Danish government passes the Forordning om Negerhandelen (Ordinance on the Negro Trade), making Denmark the first nation to outlaw the slave trade.

Mary Birkett Publishes A Poem on the African Slave Trade

Mary Birkett, a Dublin Quaker, publishes A Poem on the African Slave Trade. Addressed to her own Sex in two parts in April and June.

Second Bill to Abolish Slavery Introduced

William Wilberforce introduces the second parliamentary bill to abolish the slave trade. It passes by 230 votes to 85, a final abolition date is later fixed at 1796, but this is not put into effect.

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