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Revolt Against Slavery

African revolt against slavery in New York led to nine white men dead, 70 blacks arrested and jailed. Of the 70 blacks, 27 were put on trial and 21 convicted and executed.

Pennsylvania Restricts Slave Import

Pennsylvania passes law preventing importation of slaves.

New York Passes Law

New York declares it illegal for blacks, Indians, and slaves to murder other blacks, Indians, and slaves.

New York Forbids Freed Men From Owning Property

New York forbids freed blacks, Indians, and mulatto slaves from owning real estate and holding property.

Slaves Forbidden from Working for Hire

In Charleston, South Carolina, slaves are forbidden from hiring themselves out.

Pennsylvania Passes First Piece of Antislavery Legislation

The Pennsylvania Assembly passes An Act to prevent the importation of Negroes, arguably the first piece of antislavery legislation in the British Empire.

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