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Blacks Granted Rights to Hold Slaves

A Virginia court grants blacks the right to hold slaves.

Cromwell Becomes Lord Protector

Cromwell became Lord Protector and ruled with a council, which drew up a new constitution called the Instrument of Government.

Cromwell Dissolves Council

Cromwell dissolves his council and sets up a new English parliament, Protectorate Parliament, which refused to accept the Instrument of Government, so it was dissolved.

Anthony Johnson Sues Robert Parker

Anthony Johnson, a black Englishman, sued Robert Parker, a white Englishman, over a black slave, John Casor in a colonial court and won. The court ruled Casor to be returned to Anthony Johnson to serve as a slave for life, and for Parker to pay all court costs.

Elizabeth Key Sues for Freedom

Elizabeth Key, who’s father was a white Englishwoman, sued for her freedom and that of her son, John, in colonial court and won their freedom.

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